Found Object: Conversations with artistic works, and you

But first: some context

After I got sick, everything changed… and then, when I started to get better, everything changed again.

In the past I’ve said it was as though I went to sleep and woke to a house in which all the furniture had moved overnight. I had to find new names for the relationships of the objects to each other, as their motions were new — their shapes, unfamiliar.

This is an attempt to put name to that motion… to feel out the form of these new surroundings. This is a journey into the studio practice as it carries forward, in community with people who may not live in my city, or perhaps people who, like me, find their environments - and selves - somehow changed.

Some things to know:

  1. This is an experiment!

  2. The format will shift. Sometimes it will be similar to my old newsletter, in which I listed art, books, and music I was interested in — this had an 80% open rate, to my surprise, so it seems people liked it. Other times it will be more conversational, or more experimental, or perhaps just in-progress pieces [art, writing, music] from the studio.

  3. I have an intense aversion to social media and the fact that I appear anywhere at all is a painful act of resistance. Yes, I do have a therapist and no, I am not sure this is tractable. Consequently: A conversation with friends — in which I can just talk about what I’m thinking about, which is usually the work — is about as close to Internet Openness as I might get. This is one attempt.

Oh yeah. There will also be pictures of dogs.